1. Catalogues of Flemish/Belgian music libraries

Catalogue Royal Conservatoire - AP Hogeschool Antwerpen
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Flemish Music Institute
The Flemish Music Institute aims to be an overall catalog incorporating Flemish scores, music books, magazines, recordings and archives from various collections. The catalog should enable you to search through different repositories and collections with Flemish musical heritage with one search. Currently, the catalog contains descriptions from the conservatory libraries of Antwerp and Ghent, from the Heritage library Hendrik Conscience, the library of Antwerp University and other Anet libraries, and also the city archive of Dendermonde, Letterenhuis, the Art academy of Asse en several private collections. The aim is to index or catalogue as many collections as possible.

Meanwhile, some Flemish music magazines have been excerpt at article level, like Muziek-Warande (1922-1931), Orgelkunst (1978-2008) and Musica Antiqua (1983-2000). About 1,900 items were thus made available, so that information that was difficult to trace so far is available online. In addition, systematically rare scores, librettos and books are scanned and electronically made available through the VMI catalog, allowing the user to view them from home and, if necessary, print. Currently more than two thousand works are available electronically and it is the intention to add a new documents each month. So to be continued ...

Anet (network of scientific libraries in Antwerp and Limburg)

Royal Conservatoire, Brussels

Royal Conservatoire, Ghent

Matrix, Leuven

Catalogue of music in public libraries

2. International catalogues

Dutch Music Institute

Centrale discotheek, Rotterdam

Library Rotterdam

Copac National, Academic, & Specialist Library Catalogue

Le Catalogue collectif de France (CCFr)

Bibliotheken, Bücher und Berichte: Verzeichnis deutschsprachiger Kataloge und Institutionen

The European Library

Conservatoire national supérieur musique et danse de Paris, Médiathèque Hector Berlioz

Encore!: Online Union-catalogue

Royal College of Music Library

Catalogue of the Finnish Art University Libraries

Indiana University Library

Music Library of Greece

The Music and Theatre Library of Sweden

Fondren Library

Silbley Music Library at the Eastman School of Music

Department of Music Davis

University of Virginia Library

Washington University Libraries

Print Libraries in France

Association Internationale des Bibliothèques, archives et centres de documentation Musicaux Groupe français

William and Gayle Cook Music Library - Indiana University School of Music - Worldwide Internet Music Resources: Music Libraries

3. National libraries

Royal Library of Belgium

Royal Library of Holland

Bibliothèque nationale de France

British Library

Deutsche Nationalbibliothek

Österreichische Nationalbibliothek

The National Library and Copenhagen University Library

Library of Congress

National music libraries worldwide

4. Other useful catalogues

UNICAT - Union Catalogue of Belgian Libraries

Antilope - Collective catalogue of magazines in Belgian scienctific libraries

Agrippa - Inventarislijst van het AMVC Letterenhuis